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Sylviane Bodren

Sylviane is an expert color technician and senior colorist in Geneva with a rich and varied career. Her passion for beauty and color began in Dijon, where she began her training at Dessange. Following an intensive four-year course, Sylviane obtained specialized diplomas as a color technician, solidifying her expertise in this field.

She deepened her skills through regular internships at L’Oréal and Dessange inParis, reinforcing her commitment to perfecting her art. Sylviane then devoted 16 years of her professional life to Dessange Paris, where she acquired in-depth knowledge of every facet of her job as a color technician. At the same time, she has also taken further training courses at the hairdressing school, demonstrating her constant desire to learn and develop.

For the past decade, Sylviane has been based in Geneva. She first worked at Mod’s Haira beforejoining the Bal des Créateurs team (8 years ago). Here, she puts into practice her philosophy of working as naturally as possible, while sublimating her customers’ color and remaining attentive to their needs. Sylviane isn’t afraid of color transformations either. She perfectly achieves French-style blonde color and aluminum highlights.

Beyond her career, Sylviane is a passionate traveler. Her love of travel has enabled her to connect deeply with diverse cultures, which is reflected in her human approach to her work. She is also a photographer, a passion that reveals her artistic sensibility and her eye for color and beauty.




Auprès des grands coiffeurs: Jacques Dessange, Bruno Pittini et Stéphane Pous.


À Paris, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, (Champs-Elysées), colorations pour les personnalités VIP (TV, Cinéma, Théâtre)


3 ans à l'école Dessange, Paris pour transmettre son savoir-faire.


Au Bal des Créateurs en poste de Senior Coloriste.


Sylviane Bodren

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Sylviane Bodren

Senior Colorist

Sylviane is not afraid of a challenge, and has been mastering all types of color for 30 years to offer you spectacular, made-to-measure results.


Sylviane's strength lies in her ability to sublimate all types of highlights, thanks to her expertise and creativity.


With her many years of experience and meticulous attention to detail, Sylviane will guide you with reassuring expertise.


Very fashionable at the moment! Sylviane excels in the perm technique. She masters the chemical composition, treatment time and choice of curlers to produce personalized, long-lasting results.

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Nos clients le disent

"Un très bon moment et un résultat parfait comme d habitude grâce à Sylviane et Mila!"

Isabelle sur

"Je suis très satisfaite de l’accueil et de la gentillesse de toute l’équipe. selon les soins nécessaires, j’ai reçu toute l’attention de la personne qui s’occupait de moi. Je ne suis jamais déçue et ma chevelure est magnifiée !"

Régine sur

"Every hairstylist is meticulous, creative, professional, dedicated and amazing. You cannot go wrong with and of them, and this is coming from an extremely picky person."

Asiya sur

"Super contente de ma nouvelle coupe & couleur!✂️🎨 Merci a Sylvianne & Virginie' Un beau travail d'équipe dans une ambiance très agréable. Je reviendrai lors de mon prochain passage à Genève."

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