About us

In 2011, when I founded Le Bal des Créateurs, I wanted a differentiated place, where people would come not only to get their hair done but also to have a drink, to discover different universes, to buy a candle or a piece of jewellery…

I also wanted to assemble different talents sharing their various experiences. Each one of us in the team has different backgrounds and different origins: Russia, Lithuania, France, Brazil, Switzerland… This cultural richness based on different skills, amplified by a team spirit, gives this so special and unique chemistry to Le Bal des Créateurs.

Here, the Genevans can find all services related to the world of beauty – hairdressing, make-up, beauty care, massage – as well as being a boutique, with pop-up brands, cosmetics, etc.

Christophe DURAND

Director / Founder

Hairdresser salon

A team of professional hairdressers and colorists led by Christophe Durand, hair designer recognized in the world of beauty with a proven experience.

Constantly evolving, the team draws its strength from participations in training sessions, shootings, and even hairdressing shows; we remain attentive and eyes wide open to trends and acquire new skills every day in order to meet, at its best, all the expectations of our customers.

Beauty care

Located in the basement, the aesthetic cabin welcomes our guests in a space dedicated to the care of the face and the body. An intimate and quiet space for a moment of relaxation.

Our certified beautician, Irina, offers massages, cell shock treatments, manicures or hair removal with the Swiss Line products. A whole range of specific treatments is at your disposal.


With us a press of high quality exists and diversified media is offered via niche magazines of photography, trends and fashion.

A selection which evolves constantly and continuously with our discoveries from all over the world. A majority of titles not found elsewhere in Geneva, from various countries and in several languages.

Day bar

A bar in a bookshop and a gallery, a modular space that offers specialties not found anywhere else, and a desire of having people of diverse and mixed backgrounds meeting at our place.

At the center of artistic activities, an ideal place to find different inspirations, whether through the magazines offered in the bookstore or on the walls of the gallery.

Le Bal des Créateurs also offers the possibility to rent out its space for private events, corporate parties or recurrent artistic activities. Please do organize your private evening with our event manager !


A selection of accessories, designer clothes, specific guests, brands we believe in or presentations of young designers.

You talk about us

How pleased we are to talk to you about Le Bal des Créateurs… the true concept store as we would like to see many more!

Fashionistas & beautistas – it’s here that it’s happening in this absolutely hot place! Trendy crowd here is cool and pleasant, it presents its products, it informs the passers-by…


Expertises and new techniques, the hairdressers of Le Bal des Createurs are true artisans of the image… and will satisfy all your desires in terms of cut or color. (…) A staff of 22 specialists and multiple ideas for a unique hair. Thanks to a sharp cosmetic assortment and a partnership with the Oribe and R+Co brands, of which this salon is an ambassador and creator of two collections per year, Le Bal des Créateurs has become a must.

Sur la Terre

The place is magic, not only to have your hair done, but you can also come for a make-up session, read a book, enjoy an aesthetic treatment or only have a drink… In short – the place where everyone would like to spend his day.

It is a magnificent salon! You can only feel good there.


There are places that induce BIG inspiration, Le Bal des Créateurs is exactly that. Part library, part bar, part fashion concept store and all the requisites for a perfect makeover in an abundantly creative atmosphere.


In summary, it was a great experience, which I would renew with pleasure. I highly recommend this salon to all those looking for a quality experience in a unique place.


Hairdresser, bar, bookstore, gallery, wellness area? During this holiday season, Le Bal des Créateurs also becomes the ideal place to shop. Around a majestic fir tree not far from the bookstore area, a Christmas market took place, showcasing the wonders of young designers. From fairy jewel to wines or scented candles: there is something for everyone.

L'Officiel Suisse