Our commitments




At Le Bal des Créateurs, we believe that our company should embody noble values and a commitment to excellence.
that reflect our vision of an exceptional, unforgettable customer experience.
We are therefore committed to following 14 fundamental principles that govern each and every one of our products.
choices, our actions and our commitments.

We’re passionate about beauty and service excellence.

We are confident that our commitment to these values will enable us to continue to be Geneva’s most sought-after and popular beauty salon.

Art In Progress

Art In Progress

1. Experience


Le Bal des Créateurs is the first concept store in Geneva that brings together a beauty and hair salon, a bar, a pop-up shop, an art gallery, a bookstore, and events to provide unforgettable moments to our clientele. We promise to offer surprising experiences every year.

2. Quality


Provide the highest quality services to all our customers, committing ourselves to exceed your expectations at every visit. We are aware that the quality of our work is the key to our success, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of quality in all aspects.

3. Versatility


Nous sommes le salon le plus polyvalent de Genève. Le Bal des Créateurs offre une large gamme de services, chacun étant assuré par des spécialistes expérimentés et passionnés. De la coiffure, coloration, maquillage à l'esthétique, en passant par les soins de la peau, nous sommes équipés pour répondre à tous vos besoins beauté. Nous croyons que cette polyvalence est la clé pour satisfaire nos clients les plus exigeants.

4. Services


Each one of you is unique, and we are committed to providing personalized services to meet your individual needs. We are convinced that personalization is essential in our line of work, and we strive to provide a tailored service to each one of you.

5. Accompany

With respect

We treat our customers with respect, a smile, and courtesy, providing customer service before, during, and after your appointment. We are here to meet your needs, to advise you, and to accompany you on your beauty and wellness journey.

6. Open

to improving

We believe in the importance of listening to your feedback, in order to continuously improve and provide superior quality services. We encourage feedback, criticism, and suggestions because we believe it is the only way to evolve and grow.

7. Everyone

On time !

Punctuality is also a priority for us, to the extent possible. We understand that our clients' time is valuable, and we are committed to honoring appointments in order to provide you with a smooth and pleasant customer experience.


Engaged concept store

8. Hygiene

and maintenance

Compliance with safety and hygiene standards is an absolute priority for us. We are committed to upholding the highest standards in all aspects to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and staff.

9. Innovations

New ideas

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our constant desire to push the boundaries of our industry. We are constantly searching for new ideas, training, technologies, and products to provide you with unique and unforgettable experiences.

10. Modern


We are also committed to staying at the forefront by following the latest trends and developments in the beauty industry to offer you the best possible services.

11. Environment


Le Bal des Créateurs is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by employing sustainable business practices, reducing waste (now Retripa since 2017), and promoting the use of environmentally-friendly products.

12. To help

socially responsible

Our commitment to social responsibility is reflected in our willingness to assist local communities and support social causes. We believe that companies like ours have a responsibility to the society they operate in, and we take pride in playing a positive role in our Geneva community.

Art In Progress

13. Products


We only offer products of the highest quality, whether they are salon-used products or products for sale. We take pride in working with the most prestigious and respected brands in the beauty industry such as Kevin Murphy, Marcapar, Christophe Robin, Oribe, and we are constantly seeking new companies that meet our high standards.

14. Accessible

To all

At Le Bal des Créateurs, we are also committed to making our services accessible to everyone. We offer promotions, contests, and special offers to our customers. We want our customers to feel valued and know that they can afford to treat themselves to a moment of relaxation and beauty in our salon.

Art In Progress: Le Bal des Créateurs

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